Covid-19 - What we're doing to keep you safe.


How we're proceeding in light of Covid-19.

In light of the PM’s announcement yesterday, I just wanted to let everyone know that I will be continuing operations until told otherwise. Of course, this means putting in place very strict health and safety procedures.

Part of the reason for me sending this email is to inform everyone of the many steps I take to ensure that my office remains safe and clean during these turbulent times.

Pharmaceutical grade hand-sanitiser is used between and during each appointment to ensure the space is clean and germ-free. It is also available for personal use if you feel so inclined.

The adjustment table is also thoroughly wiped with a cleaning solution after each appointment to ensure we meet health and safety hygiene standards.

With the increase in stress we’re all feeling, I believe that it’s even more important to pay homage to our body and mind. Chiropractic care helps you do this through re-aligning your spine and influencing your nervous system. Making sure your body stays in complete control and doesn’t let outside forces impact your well-being. I believe chiropractic is an integral part of self-care which is why I have decided to stay open even when we’re threatened by this terrible virus.

If you are able to I urge you all to continue with your care.

Be safe, stay well, and hopefully I’ll see you all soon.

Best wishes,

- Shelley

Posted by Shelley Smith on Mar 22 2020

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